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Be Yourself!

You’re living through some of the most important years of your life right now! This is a time when you get to find out who you are; you get to learn all of the little things that make you unique. But unfortunately, the temptation to follow trends, fads and “movements” are everywhere, especially on the internet. The internet plays such a huge role in your life right now – a role that is much bigger than you may even realize. The reality that you experience every day probably tends to conflict with the supposed reality that you see on your social media accounts. Whether its a friend whose family takes trips all the time or an Instagram model that you would do anything to be like, the world looks very different through your phone screen than it does right in front of you. Juggling these realities can be quite the process, especially at a time that is so crucial in developing your own self-awareness. That is why it is important to simply BE YOURSELF!

No one knows you better than you do. No one knows your likes, your dislikes, your interests, your desires, your dreams, and your opinions better than you. As a teenager, piecing this internal puzzle together is a taxing process. Whether you have the fortune of a wonderful friend group or you prefer a more solo path, it is still a challenge. Being yourself can also ensure that you surround yourself with the right people in your life. When developing relationships with others, you want those people to get to know who you are as opposed to a version of you.

Being yourself is a huge step toward gaining the trust of others, but more importantly, it is vital when learning how to trust yourself! If you’re comfortable with who you are, making certain decisions as a teenager can be much easier. Whether it’s avoiding peer pressure and staying away from something that makes you uncomfortable or deciding to study instead of playing a video game, a good understanding of yourself and what your goals are can make these decisions for you!

You owe it to yourself and others to be who you are. At a time when big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube might try and convince you otherwise, remember that you have something that is truly special and can’t be taken away by anyone or anything – you have your individuality… and that makes you beautiful!

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