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About the McDowell County Schools Student Pack

The McDowell County Schools Student Pack is an interactive initiative designed by students for students to learn and engage with one another in a positive environment. Dedicated to uniting students across the county, the Student Pack is a tight-nit community of students across grade levels. To learn more about the McDowell County Schools Student Pack and current initiatives or how to join, contact us today!

River View High School

Kimball Elementary School

Welch Elementary School

Iaeger Elementary School

Bradshaw Elementary School

Mount View High School 6-12

Fall River Elementary School

Sandy River Middle School

Southside K-8 School

About the McDowell County Board of Education

Mr. David Williams
Coalwood, WV
Vice President
Mrs. Georgia West
Roderfield, WV
Mr. Mike Callaway
Welch, WV
Mrs. Margaret Beavers
War, WV
Mr. Mike Mitchem
Iaeger, WV

The McDowell County Board of Education is responsible for operating the McDowell County School System in compliance with state laws and within the policies and regulations as set forth by the West Virginia Board of Education. The goals of the Board are to provide the very best educational opportunities possible for more than 3,500 students enrolled in McDowell County Schools. The mission of McDowell County Schools is to provide schools where we unleash the potential of every student every day!

The Board has executive, legislative, and judicial authority granted by law. Primarily, the Board concerns itself with the policies that govern local schools, and the superintendent and administrative staff are responsible to administer those policies.

For complete information about current policies, curriculum and announcements, please visit the McDowell County Schools website.